Laser and Wellness Center of Vancouver, WA now offers BOTOX - a popular cosmetic treatment to replenish your youthful features and make you feel renewed. Millions of people benefit from BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment every year. Men and Women world-wide enjoy the rejuvenating effects of BOTOX. Looking great dramatically influences the way we feel about ourselves and the way people interact with us every day.

BOTOX is a purified protein that causes tense muscles to relax. Originally this was useful in the treatment of many neurological conditions. Doctors using this groundbreaking medicine noticed that, as a side effect, deep lines in patients’ foreheads softened and their skin smoothed out. Since then BOTOX has been used to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases. BOTOX is most often used on lines around the eyes (also known as “crow’s feet”) or frown and forehead lines

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles just under the skin and does not require anesthesia, resulting in only minor discomfort, not pain. In general, you may notice results within a day or two but the full effect takes up to 2-3 weeks to show and will last 4-6 months before a repeat treatment is recommended. The reason you need to repeat treatment is that muscle action eventually returns and the wrinkles begin to reappear. As you continue with treatments you will likely notice that the return of wrinkles or lines becomes less severe over time since you are virtually training your muscles to relax.

Are There Side Effects?

The whole process is incredibly quick and requires almost no down time for recovery. You will be able to return to your normal activities the same day but avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours. Do not massage the treated areas as this may result in drooping which then takes another few weeks to resolve. There may be minor pain or swelling at the injection site and on rare occasions, headaches which will resolve in 24-48 hours. It is best to avoid alcohol starting at least one week before the procedure. You should also stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before treatment to reduce bruising.